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ASIC miner vs GPU miner. 8 Key Differences That Affect Your Profit!

Mining with ASIC and GPU miners. Which is better?

ASIC miner or GPU rig? Which is better, Which pays off the most and where are key differences? We supply both, ASIC and GPU miners, so we “don’t care” which method you choose and that´s why below comparison is aboslutely objective.


ASIC miner

GPU rig

Mining Flexibility:

Fixed to 1 algorithm (1 main cryptocurrency + a few smaller shitcoins).

You cannot switch ETH ASIC miner from Ethereum to Bitcoin, Zcash or Monero ..

GPU rig you can switch anytime to hundreds of different cryptocurrencies

+ Dual Mining option (mining 2 coins at once)

Device (machine) flexibility:ASIC miner is specialized so only for crypto-mining

GPU rig is like computer so you are able to:

▪ use / sell it as an common computer (desktop)

▪ sell of parts separatelly (RAM, HDD, CPU, motherboard..)


Warranty:6 months at all suppliers (1 single exception in whole world – supplier with 2 year warranty for Bitmain miners)

2 year warranty (HW, SW, also for an GPU cards)

+ option to pro-long up to 3-years warranty

Order:ASICs are prefabricated miners so order from foreign manufacturersGPU rigs are manufactured directly by us (Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Slovakia).
Pricing Detail:Pricing in our e-shop are without VAT (but in most cases you have to pay no VAT – legally, oficially, with invoice and full waranty, because of EU laws)Pricing in our eshop is always with VAT

Delivery time:

▪ 3-8 days (if stock miners)

▪ 30-90 days (if pre-order miners)

Manufacture and delivery within 10-15 days.
Repair (warranty / post-warranty):

Sending miner to supplier

Mostly replacement of the entire hash board (ASICs contain from 3 hashboards)

Repair by us (as an manufacturer) in Slovakia.

Possible certain component replacement or even fix component

Mining Efficiency:Much higher mining efficiency (price to hashrate to power consumption ratio)!Lower mining efficiency


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ASIC Miner

ASIC vs GPU Miner - Which is better - ASIC miner

ASIC miner (from the abbreviation Application-specific integrated circuit) is an powerful computing device for solving mathematical operations.

  • These machines are specialized (only for cryptocurrency mininig).
  • And also specialized only for mining by 1 specific algorithm (1 group of coins)
  • It is not possible to switch from ETH to Bitcoin or Zcash
  • But on the other side, mining with ASICs is more efficient (more profitable)

Most popular and world biggest ASICs manufacturers are Bitmain, Innosilicon, WhatsMiner .. 

GPU Mining Rig

ASIC vs GPU Miner - Which is better - GPU Mining RIG for Ethereum (Miner)

GPU miners are powerfull computers that are quite similar to common computers (desktop).

The difference between a GPU mining device and your desktop is the number of graphics cards they contain and the software modifications / tuning / overlocking .. 

  • The standard GPU mining rig usually contains 6-12 GPU cards, modified BIOS modes, overclocked GPU cards and special software for cryptocurrency mining.

When compare GPU to ASIC miners, there are several differences:

  • Thanks to the possibility of changing the mining algorithm, with GPU rigs we can mine 99% of the cryptocienes that currently on the market exist (over 2700 different coins)
  • There is also device flexibility. If you decide to quit mining, you can use gpu rig as a desktop PC.
  • You can also sell off the device for components or as a complete high-performance computer.

The most used GPU cards for mining are AMD Radeon RX and Nvidia GeForce GTX.

In addition to today’s GPU and ASIC miners (or out of dated CPU mining), there are also another ways to start cryptocurrency mining (even from 250 USD):

Most Profitable Miners