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ASIC & GPU Miners Hosting Center for Cryptocurrency Mining

Information Updated: 14/07/2024

We Currently Operate 3 Mining Farms:

  • Levice City (Slovakia)
  • Sereď City (Slovakia)
  • Location in Norway

+ Containerized Data Center in Belgium (cooperation – not our own)

ASIC Hosting – Professional Storage for yours Miner

Since 2016, we also operate profi hosting services of GPU and ASIC miners for cryptocurrency mining.

  • You own a miner.
  • We have specially customized data-centers
  • And most importantly … cheap electricity.

How it works?

#1 Bring your miners to our hosting center (or do delivery by courier)

#2 Signing contracts (contact us for contract copy)


#3 We’ll setup and connect your Miners with your Mining Pool / Crypto-wallet

#4 Turning on miners. 100% of profit go to your wallet every day (we don’t have access to accounts)

Platba za elektrinu#5 At the end of the month you will receive an Invoice for electricity (space rental, monitoring and everything else is already included in the price of electricity)


Housing môžeš ukončiť kedykoľvek#6 Quit hosting anytime you want (no commitment period)

Number of currently hosted miners 14/07/2024:

Why Do We Do It?

We have no share of the client’s profit (mined coins)

Monitoring of miners and space rental are for FREE.

You only pay for electricity. So why are we doing this?

  • Reason is Simple 🙂
  • Our electricity tariff is lower than the one we charge to you.
  • And that is our profit.

With the hundreds of client´s miners that we store, it pays off.

For a preview of contracts, Questions or Hosting Order, contact us.

ASIC Hosting – Save up to  3500€ / pc

ASIC or GPU hosting will save you time, nerves and most importantly, money!

Electricity costs make up 40-70% of total mining costs.

  • Price of common miner is about 3000€
  • But electricity costs you next 3000-5000€ per miner lifespan (3-6 years).

Therefore, the price of electricity can decides whether you will make profit or loss.

Lower costs = Higher profits.

Average elctricity price.. :❌ 0,18€ /kwh✅ 0,08€ /kwh
Costs per 3 years (miner with 1,5 kw/h):❌ 7 095€✅ 3 110€

Of course, the amount that you save depends on the exact tariff you pay for electricity at home.

For exact hosting prices for certain ASIC models, scroll down.

For an even lower price, we also provide ASIC hosting in Norway.

Starts from 0,055€ / kwh.

Contact Us for details.


Hosting Center Facility / Conditions:

  • Active Cooling System
  • Antistatic dust filtration
  • Alarm and Camera system
  • Object Security Services
  • Modified double walls
  • EPS fire alarm system
  • Our 24/7 Mining Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Mining Management system for Clients

*100% of the mined coins are automatically sended to your wallet every 24 hours.

*We do not have access to your accounts


The hosting fee includes:

  • Rental space (in price)
  • Electricity costs (monthly)
  • Cooling, facility and security of hosting center (in price)
  • Our 24/7 monitoring (in price)
  • Our web-app for mining monitoring and management by client (in price)

Hosting Pricing – ASIC Miners

Monthly fee for ASIC miners hosting is about 0,08€ / kwh.

Exact prices for each model:

Antminer S19/S19Pro: 188€ / m

Antminer S9: 63€ / m

Antminer S17/T17: 126€ / m

Antminer S15/T15: 92€ / m

Antminer S11/DR5: 89€ / m

Innosilicon A9++: 90€ / m

Innosilicon T43: 121€ / m

Ibelink BM-K1: 48€ / m

Antminer Z9: 56€ / m

Antminer Z11: 82€ / m

Antminer Z15: 87€ / m

Antminer E3: 44€ / m

Antminer X3+: 27€ / m

Innosilicon T26: 115€ / m

Innosilicon D9+: 72€ / m

Innosilicon A10 500: 50€ / m 

Innosilicon A10 750: 79€ / m 

Innosilicon A11 2000: 115€ / m 

*We store all types and brands of ASIC miners (above list for only a few of them).

*For prices of other models, contact us.


Hosting Pricing – GPU Mining Rigs

Hosting fee for GPU Mining Rigs are calculated individually based on:

  • miner consumption on wall
  • miner dimensions
  • number of power supply units in miner (PSU)

*Maximum size of GPU miners (dimensions of ours shelves):

  • 100cm x 40cm x 50cm (L x W x H)

Contact us for calculating GPU housing fee, contract previews or hosting order.

We store clients’ miners in our specialized data centers (farms).

With housing client gets rid of several mining problems in home conditions ..:

▪ Noise

▪ Overheating

▪ Dusty or humid environment

▪ Time to manage and maintain miners

▪ The need to manage, monitor mining

▪ Expenses electricity




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