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ASIC´s Supplier since @2015


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About Us

Biggest Vendor in SK-CZ

We are the biggest GPU / HDD rigs manufacturer and biggest ASICs supplier in 🇸🇰🇨🇿 Slovak & Czech Republic.

CEO: Dominik Džamba

Crypto-enthusiast, Investor, 

For 6 years we have supplied Hundreds of Miners, build 9 datacenters (1 MW+) for investors and helped really hundreds of clients in SK/CZ.

  • But, SK-CZ is quite small market, so we decided to Expand.
  • And beaucse of dealing with mining hardware from SVK is quite problematic because of restrictive laws, anti-crypto policies, sabotaging business conditions ..

That´s why we decide to supply our foreign orders Directly Throught the our Wholesalers.

What Does it Mean to You?

You are allowed to order miners (even 1 pcs) directly from our wholesalers.

  1. You are buying for Wholesale Prices (pay no commission to us – we have cooperations with suppliers)
  2. You have to pay No VAT

What Makes us Totally Different from All Othres?

#1 We are Not Fixed to any single Supplier

#2 We have contracted with 29 Various (largest) ASIC miner suppliers around the whole world, so you can even choose the Cheapest One.

Therefore,  you always buy with us for the Lowest Possible Prices, at which miner can be bought.

That´s why you will SAVE HUNDREDS with us.


Where Not to Buy? (9 SCAM Suppliers)

The most crucial problem of this market? Many of scammers.

  • We have been direct Victim of 9 FRAUDS.
  • We paid and vendors “dissapeared”

So where to buy so you don’t lose money?

  • We have already been robbed so You Don’t Have To Be.
  • We have tried all of them so You Don’t Have To.

And this is our Cardinal Added Value, which no other vendor provide you.

#1 From 29, we have removed 9 SCAM Suppliers

#2 Removed next 6, where we are 98% sure they are also fraudsters (in scam list soon)

#3 Removed 5 problematic (order delays, second-hand miners ..)

#4 And removed 3 another with really high prices

What is the result?

The Result

100% Satisfaction - Guaranty1

  • TOP 6 (of 29) , most reliable, trusted and cheapest ASIC vendors on the whole market!

We have started to work with each one of them since 2015-2018 and bought AT LEAST 100 pcs of miners (from each of them):

✅ No delivery delays ✅ No second-hand ✅ No price increasing after order ✅ The lowest price on the market ✅ 100% satisfaction ✅ Selection of TOP suppliers ✅ Based on 6 years of our experiences


#1 You can order directly from our Wholesalers

#2 Chcek SCAMMERS list

#3 Buy from Trusted Ones

#4 Even choose the cheapest one (from the Trusted Ones)

*we have 6 years of mining-experiences (since 2015)

*we know who is reliable and who rob you

*we know where you have to pay customs duty, VAT and where don´t 

*where from certain suppliers ship miners, how long does it takes…

*we know everything about each one.

*we are in direct touch with each of the suppliers


▪ How much does miner earn? Which pays off the most?

▪ Which supplier to choose (for orders from EU / outside the EU)

▪ What about Electricity? Lifespan?

▪ How to setup? Can I do it? What about Taxes? …

Contact us by email / phone.

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