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Bitcoin Cloud Mining – Genesis Mining

Rent HashPower for ✅Cryptocurrency Mining

Rental of computing power for cryptocurrency mining (Cloud Mining), is one of the 5 ways ways how to start mining crypto. ✅Compare to GPU rig or ASIC miners, it’s a great way if you want to mine but:

  • You don’t  want to invest thousands of euros in miners
  • You have lack of experiences with mining
  • You don’t  have  space for miner, cheap electricity …

Cloud mining is a way of mining Bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Monero or Zcash, where you can rent mining power from a mining company. You do not need to care about anything. Everything is covered by the mining company but mined coins go directly to your wallet every 24 hours.

How does Minig Work?

Is Crypto-Minig even Worth? 


Pros of Cloud Minig

▪  You may rent  only part of the miner’s power (so you don’t have to invest into a miner  €2,000 +

▪ The minimum deposit is possible from 200€

▪ You do not need to deal with space, cooling, noise, heat, dust, the price of electricity …

▪You do not need to care about miner order, complaints, repairs or replacement of components

▪ You don’t need to know anything about mining (no programming, any command line, no mining pools, protocols, algorithm..)

▪The company provides complete management, miners monitoring, their restart, repairs ..

▪You save hundreds (compared to buying your own miner). The cloud company buys components and miners in thousands of pcs directly from the manufacturers. Therefore, the unit price you pay for your power is often much lower than in the case you buy your own miner.

▪You will also save onn electricity (in compare with mining at home).

Cons of Cloud Mining

Beware of fraudulent companies, of which there are still more and more. Everything could seems to be serious at the first glance. Nice web pages, catchy texts about how Bitcoin Mining Make you Rich, so you open an account, spend the first amount of money, and make a profits. 

And theese profits are higher than hight, so after few days you invest more … Until the day when the website is unavailable will come, and you will never ever hear from the company

How to Detect Scammers?

  • Compare the real profits from mining (in case you own a miner physically at home) with the profits that the company pays you. If mining actually earns 8% a month, but a cloud-mining company pays you 25%, something probably won’t be right, even if they have free electricity (how to calculate real mining profits HERE).
  • Look at the terms and conditions (yes, the ones you have never read). You will not believe what you read and agree with.
  • Search the legal information about the company (registered offices, registration in the commercial register, ID number and VAT number. Are that informations even available on the website at all? If not, why does the company keep it secret, if it has nothing to hide?
  • Contact the owners or representatives / employees of the company. Do the owners show theirselves in public? Are they available at all? What about employees – Do they answer the phone? Answer to emails?
  • Does the company have social networks? Shares content? Videos or photos from data centers or directly from offices?

However, nothing from above mentioned can garantuee you that company is real and legit. The best is always the personal acquaintance of the owners, or at least a personal experience with the company from someone who has been mining in the company (but not for a week or half of a year).

We have been personally engaged in mining since 2015 and therefore we can help you. We have personally Tried exactly 19 different Cloud-Mining Companies in the world. So we can tell you about any of them. But rather we will you about the best one. 

And that is why, since 2017, we have been mining and cooperating with only the best one and this is why we are working with our partner company – Genesis Mining from Iceland.

Rent Mining HashPower from Genesis-Mining

Business Name: Genesis Mining Cloud Services Ltd. 

CEO: Marco Streng

Residence: Sjonarholl 16, 235 Reykjanesbaer, Island

Services Launched: February 2014

Number of Customers: 2 millions,  in more than 100 countries around the world.

Cryptocurrency: You can choose mining of 10 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero …)

PS: By registering, you will gain access to the Backoffice (you can see rental prices, rewards, videos, live-chat..)

Registration does not require any deposit of money. Registration is free (no fee). After registration, you can rent the hashpower at any time. One day, one week, one month later or never.

How does it look like in Genesis Mining Data-Centers?

The company has been actively mined for clients since 2014. It owns 3 Mining data centers, where our miners mine. Below you will find videos from these farms, their construction, composition up to interviews with the CEO and employees.

Dozens of another videos from Datacenter Genesis Mining on Iceland.

Why Cloud-Mining with Genesis?

It’s simple. We are in mining, GPU mining-rig manufacture and ASIC miner selling since 2015. We have gone through dozens of cloud companies (exactly, throught the 19 various – both, serious and fraudulent) and therefore we know how they work, we know who is scammer, who is legit, how to find out that, which are expensive and which witch quite good prices for renting .. 

That’s why we only work with the best ones. We could write you about any other cloud mining company, but what for, when we can write about the absolutely best one? Simple.

And What do we get out of your mininig? You will find it below. Now 3 reasons why Genesis-Mining is best option:

▪ Cheap Electricity
The fact that the company is based in Iceland is no coincidence. The biggest cost of mining is costs for electricity (more important than miner price itself). Therefore, Iceland, where enormous geothermal springs (renewable energy) exist, is a lucrative place for mining. Electricity tariff in Iceland are roughly 80 percent cheaper than average in Europe.

▪ Diversification into ASIC and GPU miners
Genesis Mining provides extensive mining solutions for both GPU and ASIC miners. As a client, you can choose to extract up to 10 different cryptocurrencies (each with different type of GPU card or ASIC miner models)

▪ Custom Technology

Since 2014, the company has also developed its own mining programs, allowing them to mine with much higher efficiency with GPU cards and ASIC miners also. This softwares increases profitability up to 9-13%.

It you are already registered in company, never mind. Just enter this special code when ordering, and the discount on performance purchases is yours.

Discount Code: SQWvTb

What do we Get and What do you Get?

If you register through our affiliate link and then rent the hashpower:

  • YOU will receive a 3% discount on each hashpower order
  • We will receive a 2.5% reward in the form of hashpower that the company assigns us
  • But you don’t pay a penny extra!

How to Start Mining + DISCOUNT for you

Registration and start mining is easy and fast.

It will take you 6 minutes.

Below you will find a step-by-step text and image description, how to do it.


1. Create an account for FREE.

Through our affiliate link  you will receive a 3% DISCOUNT on each purchase of hashpower. We receive 2.5% as a reward (you pay nothing)

  • a) Click on the link to start registration
  • b) Click the button at the top right SIGN UP
  • c) Fill in the email address, password and then confirm the password again
  • d) Open the email where you received the verification email and click on the link

2. Buy Mining Power

  • a) In the left section in panel, click on the BUY HASHPOWER 
  • b) Choose the cryptocurrency you want to mine and high of hashpower
  • c) Mark CREDIT CARD at the bottom right (fast and secure payment option) and then click on the CONTINUE TO REVIEW button.
  • d) Click on CONTINUE at the bottom right and confirm with PAY NOW.

After purchasing the power, minig is started and you will see all the mined coins directly in your account.


3. Setup Crypto-Wallet Where You Will Receive Mined Coins

  • a) In the left panel, click MY ACCOUNT, then SETTINGS and then WALLETS.
  • b) If you bought for examle power to mine Bitcoin, just enter the addresss of your Bitcoin wallet in the Bitcoin field and save  at the bottom of the screen (if you mine Ethereum, just put Ethereum wallet address in Ethereum field in Genesis-Account


▪ How much does cloud-mining Earn? Which coin pays off the most?

▪ What about Fees? Contract-Length?

▪ How to Register? Setup?

Contact us by email / phone.

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