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Antminer S19 Pro 110 TH/s (Bitmain) – Bitcoin Miner

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Weight 1030-1090 kg


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*The Lowest price on the market GUARANTY because we collaborate with 29 various (biggest) world ASICs wholesalers!

Antminer S19 Pro (110 TH/s) SHA-256 ASIC Miner

The ASIC ✅ Antminer S19 Pro 110 TH/s (Bitcoin miner) from Bitmain manufacturer with hashrate of 110 TH/s and power consumption of 3250 W/h.

Hashrate:110 TH/s
Consumption:3250 W/h
Lifespan:4-6 years
Electricity costs:188€ / m (hosting)


Price:14 988


S19 Pro (110TH/s) Delivery: within 7-10 days

*ASIC miner price includes Power Supply


▪ How much does miner earn? Which pays off the most?

▪ Which supplier to choose (for orders from EU / outside the EU)

▪ What about Electricity? Lifespan?

▪ How to setup? Can I do it? What about Taxes? …

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Most Profitable Miners


These are the CURRENT, REAL and ACCURATE profits that this miner currently earns.

Calculated by:

Click on the link [See Exact Profits Here] and it will show you the online calculator, where you will see detailed calculations of profit to the cent exactly.

Possibly. use various other mining calculators such as:

# 1 How to Setup Miner?


# 2 What Else Do You Need to Buy (miner accessories)

The price of the miner includes: miner + power supply.

What else do you need to buy

+ You need NTB / PC (only for the first connection for the first 10 minutes)

NTB / PC then disconnects and the miner runs alone 24/7


# 3 What about Internet Specifications?

a) For ASIC miners approx. 8 mbps (download speed) - is the minimum requirement.

b) PING (Latency / Response) is more important. Required value: up to 50 ms.

You can check the values ​​of your internet here, for example:


# 4 Where Can i See Earnings? How do I switch Mining?

Where do I Track Mining / Profits?

In the mining pool (online account) and on the miner's IP address , which we setup with you for free


Where do I Switch Mining to Another Cryptocurrency?

Also through the miner's IP interface (with 3 clicks) - we will show you how to do it


How do I get the Crypto to My Wallet / Exchange?


# 5 How and Where can I Store / Sell Crypto?

You can save them on any crypto-exchange / wallet.


# 6 Which Coins Can i Mine?

ASIC Miners are specialized to 1 algorithm (not 1 cryptoccurency)

Each algorithm contains about 15-50 different coins that you can mine with your ASIC

This is the monthly fee you will pay for Housing with us (for this particular miner)


What is Housing?

After purchase of miner, you can (don't have to) store miner in our mining data-centers

WHY would you want to do that? Because:

# 1 You are the miner owner
# 2 Miner is connected directly to your wallet, so 100% of the mined coins go directly to you (24/7)
# 3 You don't care about electricity, noise, miner monitoring...
# 4 In addition, you will SAVE approx. 1400-3200€ a year on electricity (for every miner), because our price of electricity is 30-65% cheaper than the average price of electricity in EU household)


* Contract, Monthly Invoices, No Binding.


Why do we do this when 100% of the mined coins go to you?

The housing fee is calculated only according to the miner power consumption (approx. 0,8 € / kwh)

But our price of electricity that we pay is significantly lower


*And therefore, if you have cheaper at home, this is not for you, housing will not be needed.

Details about Housing HERE

#1 The price of ASIC miners is without VAT - you PAY 0% VAT (regardless of whether you are a Private Person or Company)

#2 If the miner is for pre-ordered (not in stock) and you want to wait and buy it when will be in stock, so you don't have to pay now in advance, read carefully:

  1. The version with this delivery date will either be sold out (another version may be available with delivery, eg in another 2-3 months later)
  2. Or if this miner will be available to order directly as an stock version (so with delivery within 3-5 days), its price will be XY% higher.

Rule 1: The Longer You have to Wait for Delivery, the Lower the Miner's Price is.


Illustrative Example:

Pre-order is therefore more of an opportunity for you to re-order and pay for the miner "only" the price you see in the e-shop, because once the miner is in stock, its price will be 30% / 50% or 100% higher.